Mariette Sakelliou
Image by Clarisse Pieterson Photography

South African interior designer, Mariëtte Sakelliou started Little Interiors in 2011, making the leap from corporate interiors to kids and baby interiors.

Her passion for creating stylish spaces that promote growing and learning evolved into the development of the decor range, LittleME by Little Interiors as well as her decor & lifestyle blog.

The decor range offers high contrast mobile dangles, illustrated play mats and complementary accessories to aid in stimulation of brain development during the early months of your baby’s life as well as enhancing curiosity, fine and gross motor skills and language skills in time. 
Mariëtte’s aim is to provide parents with a trendy solution to baby stimulation aids that can be used during nappy changes, baby massage, play time or out and about.
Apart from offering interior design services ranging from consultations to full turnkey options the Little Interiors blog is filled with fun diy’s, decor ideas and inspiration and room reveals.

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