Baby to toddler room


Realizing that your baby is now a toddler is a shocking thing! It feels like you had a tiny helpless baby 5 minutes ago and now they are exploring and climbing on to things and all of a sudden their needs become a lot different to a baby’s need.

It is now time to look at what you need to change to make the nursery more safe and suitable for their current needs. At this stage you can still keep your nursery theme the same.

First look at what you can keep:

1. Can you use your cot as a toddler bed if they are ready for it?  If not look at toddler bed options.

2. Can you re-use the dresser, changing table or other furniture for storage?

Remove what you can’t use to avoid injury and damage – toddlers are a lot more mobile than babies. By clearing floor space you are allowing your toddler to have more space to play. Add some storage baskets to keep toys in reach and easy to be packed away. Ensure that bookcases are secure and can’t fall on your child when they climb on {and they will}.

The room now becomes a place where your toddler learns through play and discovery, you want to ensure the space is stimulating and safe for them.

Keep an eye out for my next post on how to move from a toddler room to a big kid room.


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