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We all have way to much kids & baby clutter, even shamefully unused items that’s gathering dust. Your solution has arrived. Moms List has created a secure marketplace just for moms. If you are trying to make room for a new baby or want to get rid of old baby or kids items to buy something else Moms List is the ideal place for you as they already have over 11 000 Facebook followers, 5000 Users, 1500 registered members visiting over 65 000 pages monthly and 1000 products and services already being sold on the marketplace.

This is how it works:

Search: If you are looking to buy something all you do is choose from a range of categories and services and filter by price, proximity, highest rated product or even new or pre-loved and within seconds your find comes up.

Buying: Currently the system puts a buyer in touch with a Mom or Business Seller through the platform without giving private details away. But they are excited to be rolling out a Pay & Deliver system soon which takes away the hassle of having to meet someone face to face and gives you the convenience of at home delivery.

Sell: In three easy steps via the website, Mobi-site or our iOS and GooglePlay Apps you literally snap your product, list the information and upload straight onto the marketplace all within minutes. Plus if you want your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to see what you are selling, we give you the option of sharing your pre-loved products on your social feeds too!

Rate: Seeing as trust is a huge barrier too many South Africans trading online, they have done their best to make trading more trustworthy on Moms List. Read sellers history of comments and questions, see what their rating is, trade with people in your area and seeing their Facebook profile pic should all make you feel at ease when buying or selling on Moms List. Plus if this isn’t enough for you, use the Pay & Deliver service so you never have to meet the buyer or seller!

Follow: Finally if you are a Mom you will know that being a Mom is tough and you don’t always have all the answers. So what they have also done is make it easier for Moms to connect with other Moms or businesses by offering you a news feed where you can follow sellers you love and receive all their updates.

Finally a marketplace just for Moms, that is trustworthy and social!

Visit Moms List to buy, sell and follow other Moms & Businesses at

Or if you want an even better experience download the app here:

iOS App Link:

GooglePlay App Link:

For more info please drop them an email at or call them on 0822249812

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