Holiday Activities – DIY gingerbread house

Our holiday activities normally include loads of beach time or visiting some family friendly spots during our visit to the coast. On the odd rainy day we get up to some fun indoor activities and I found this no baking DIY gingerbread house kit that we all enjoyed making.

The kit included everything that you will need so it is the perfect accessory to travel with. I was worried that it would bread but it was really well packaged.

Your pack includes:

  • All the house panels with a Christmas tree and a sleigh
  • icing sugar
  • piping bags
  • some sweets to decorate, we added an additional pack of sweets as the jelly’s were a bit heavy.
  • instructions on the back of the box

I loved that it had no baking, although I love to bake I do not have all the equipment needed to do it while on holiday. We were happy with the results, the kids enjoyed it and the house was elf approved too.

The kids will do a taste test after Christmas, we’ll keep you updated.