Murals vs Decals

To paint or to stick!? Decorating a kids/baby room with fun wall-art can be a daunting task if you are doing it yourself, but can be fun too.  There are so many options and even more designs to choose from.

If you are painting, projectors and stencils can make the most artistically challenged person shine like a pro, but it is a timely proses. Being pregnant and decorating has its own challenges, choosing the correct lead-free paint and those swollen ankles are not fun, but it is very rewarding to walk into a previously bare room now clad with a masterpiece that you’ve created is almost like holding your baby for the first time, {almost}! Luckily there are people who specialise in making your life easier. They can help you create a concept and you can watch your room transform into a masterpiece without sniffing one molecule of paint fumes. It might cost you a pretty penny so choose your design wisely so that it can grow with the child or be used for the next one. If you are doing it yourself it will save a lot of money but, WARNING, you do get attached to your artwork and painting over it is not for the fainthearted.

Whilst decals can be very commercial and mostly expensive, you can find some gorgeous designs. The more detailed the design it can become slightly more difficult to stick down, but it’s not too difficult to rectify. I’ve bought some store-bought ones and the tend to not stick as well, quality is key. I have however discovered a range from MR PRICE HOME, that I love!!! They have some bling on them and are colourful and gorgeous! They do sell out quickly and their range does changed often, so buy some extra’s if you intend on using them again without disappointment. There are companies that do custom designs and it is really here that you can work with an artist to create something awesome.

Wording is much easier done in decals than paint, and the glory of decals is if you move house or need to change the design, all you need is to peel it and dump it as to cover a mural with {TIP} silver paint and then cover it with the  original wall colour.

You decide what works for you and go with it…… Happy Decorating!!


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