NUK Food Pots – Review

I’m a gadgets gal. We received these awesome Food Pots from NUK at a blogging event and I was so happy as I was soon going to start introducing solids to my baby. I make and freeze my own baby food and it is always handy to find something that you can store, freeze and transport the food in that seals nicely that does not cost you a fortune. Oh and they look so pretty too!

You get 6 food pots in a pack in colours blue, purple and green  {my favourite colours – just check my logo}, they are marked in individual portions and BPA-free, suitable for freezing and STACKABLE!!! This is the best space saver ever, the bottoms and lids slot into each other just perfect to keep me well organised.

I’ve really put these pots through the wringer and have used it for all the applications I could, and I can really recommend them to any mom with kids.

NUK will be also launching the NEW DESIGNS FOR THE NUK SUMMERTIME SOOTHERS in early May. I’m all about good design and these are just gorgeous and I can rest assured that my baby’s teeth are taken care of too.

30% off lock-down sale is on until 25 May!

Coupon will automatically load at checkout, if it does not load automatically just add lockdown into the coupon box.

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