I have always had some essential oils in the cupboard that I used for a few things around the house. My first go-to oils were Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Citronella. It is only about 14 months ago that I started diffusing it in our house because my son was constantly on antibiotics. I was tired of doctor visits and I was tired of medication that was causing other, bigger issues and not addressing the problem.

I saw a drastic decline in our doctors visits within the next month so I started researching ways to improve other health issues that we were having.

I am now committed more than ever to remove the toxins from our home and life and I would like to share that experience and benefits with you.

I will have some retail products and starter bundles available bellow.

*In order to buy a starter kit or bundle you will have to become a member of Young Living*
– You will then be able to buy your products at wholesale prices (yay to 24% off retail prices).
– You will not be required to buy monthly or sell any products.
– You are able to join the Essential Rewards program to earn freebies on your orders.

I am a Young Living independent distributer, member number: 25044268.

If you are interested in learning more about any products, kits or have any questions please contact me on info@littleinteriors.co.za or WhatsApp on 0836510906.

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