Montessori puzzle ball


This Montessori inspired puzzle ball has been designed to be easily grasped and moved around by baby enticing all of your baby’s developing senses. The high contrasting colours helps the brain to form the last connections after birth.

The ball is designed to be easily grasped by baby, and it also comes in 3 different sizes, small-medium-large for different developmental stages.

The small Montessori puzzle ball is designed to hang from your baby gym or play frame, baby is encouraged to kick the ball or to hit it with their hands they will start to follow the movements and try to reach out for the ball. The small ball comes with a detachable clip to clip it onto anything from the play gym to the stroller.

The medium Montessori puzzle ball is a nice size for tummy time. It does not roll far away and will encourage your little one to reach our for the ball.

The large Montessori puzzle ball is perfect for your early walker or crawler. They can kick and trow it around without it hurting them or anyone around them. It is the perfect size for them to carry it around and encourage those very first steps.


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Black geometric with white inner, White Shapes with black inner, Red with white inner, White shapes with red inner


Small, Medium, Large


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