Room Tour – Zach’s Room

Zach’s Room Tour


Tanielle from @watchzachgrow allowed us a sneak peek into her newly done room for her little Zach. This gorgeous little boy has the most beautiful smile and the vibrant room really shows of his energy.

Zach’s favourite colour is green so Tanielle decided on go with a soft mint colour to go with a black and white colour scheme. Mint is a colour that is unisex so by adding the super bunnies and thunder bolts the room is unmistakably turned into a boy’s room with the mint softening it just enough.

I love all her DIY touches to the room especially the book trolley, it is so functional and an easy way to keep Zach’s books tidy. Well done mom, you did an excellent job!

Tanielle shared Zach’s room supplier list:

Follow Tanielle and Zach’s journey on their Instagram account: @watchzachgrow.

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